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Kindergarten Orientation

Here is a link to the PDF version of our orientation slides. These slides include hyperlinks to additional information.
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We want to hear about all of our incoming Kindergarten students. Please fill our this link and help us get to know your child before they even start the school year!
Do you have questions that were not answered in our orientation, or are not covered in the FAQ below, please let us know using our google form. As we get questions, we will curate answers and we will include the answers below.
Kindergarten FAQ
How do I enroll in Kindergarten?
NHUSD has a centralized enrollment center that handles enrollments for the entire district. See our district enrollment web page for information on the enrollment process.
What if I signed up for Kindergarten at the enrollment center, but I haven't heard anything?
If you have or had an enrollment appointment schedule, this appointment has been cancelled and an enrollment office staff member will call you to inform you of next steps. The enrollment staff will honor a family's "place in line" for enrollment based on appointment dates and times.
If you previously picked up an enrollment packet and have not made an appointment, the centralized enrollment staff will be calling you to inform you of your next steps for enrollment.
Please be patient as our enrollment office contacts each family personally.
What is Q Parent Connection?
Q Parent Connection is a web based application that allows you to update your contact information and set your preferences for receiving district communication through our Q Communication system. It is extremely important to ensure you information is up to date.
What is the first day of the 2020-2021 School year and where is the published school calendar?
School starts on Wednesday, August 12th. The school year calendar is being finalized for print this week and will be available by Friday, May 15th. Please check back for an updated link to the finalized calendar.
How will I know who my child's teacher is?
You will receive an email and dialer message from our Q communication system very close to the start of the school year. It is critical to make sure your contact information is up to date. Please see information about how to set up and update Q Parent Connection above.
Please note that Kindergarten class placements are not permanent on the first day of school. To ensure classes are balanced to optimize students learning, we spend the first month of school getting to know our students and make shifts that will have positive impacts on our entire kindergarten class.
What does my child bring on the first day of school?
Students should bring a regular-sized backpack (one large enough to accommodate a three ring binder) and a snack in a separate lunch back labeled with their name.

What if my child cries on the first day of school?
Sometimes we see tears on the first day - but mostly from our parents! Some kiddo's cry as well. Reassure them quickly that you will be right outside to pick them up soon, and make a clean break. The longer you stay, the longer they cry. Once parents are gone, the crying stops. Please don't peek into windows or hover over the doorway. Trust our collective 82 years of teaching experience! We know this is hard for parents as well, feel free to talk to other parents and share your feeling regarding first day jitters.

Is it okay to play on the Kindergarten playground before and after school?

No. Students must line up with their respective class until their teacher gets them. After school, pick up your child and please exit the kindergarten area.


Does my child need a snack?

Please provide one small snack for your child to eat during the half day sessions. Please send snacks/containers that your child is able to open themselves. Please do not send any glass containers. If your child is in Kid’s First, please separate the snack from the lunch. 


How do I pay for a school lunch?

Please view the following link:


My child is advanced, how will their needs be met?

Each class is comprised of students with a wide range of academic, social and emotional levels. There is much more to kindergarten than academics. Students in kindergarten also work on developmentally appropriate skills with their peers. As teachers, we differentiate instruction to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of all students. 


What will my child learn in kindergarten?

The beginning of kindergarten focuses on establishing procedures, routines, and getting to know each other.  Establishing these foundations allows us to move forward with academic rigor.  You can learn more about the kindergarten day by attending Back To School Night or by visiting the Common Core website:


Where do I pick up my child?

Rooms 103, 105, 107: Parents wait outside the classroom in the kinder playground.
Room 10: Parents wait OUTSIDE the gate, and your child will walk to you.
Room 108: Parent wait by the double doors near the office to pick up your child. You will see a sign for Mr. Brownlow’s pick-up.


How do I talk to my teacher?

The best way to communicate with your child’s teacher is by email.  We are unable to speak with parents in the morning during drop off because we are focused on getting the students’ day started. 


What does my child need to bring to school on a daily basis:

Please send the following with your child: a small, healthy snack for recess and a full-sized back pack (without wheels), jackets/sweaters as needed.


What is the beginning of the year assessment used for?

We use the information to learn about your child and prepare for the best school year for each of our students.


My child did not attend the August assessment day, what now?

We emphasize participating in our August assessment day. It is a chance for your student to see us and the school before the first day, which can lower anxiety levels. It also allows us to meet your children and prepare for a fantastic first day. Our August Assessment day is Wednesday, August 5th. If you cannot participate in the August assessment day, your child’s teacher will make an appointment with you to do the assessments.